Welcome Back to school

July , 4, 2021
Dear Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff:
Welcome back! I hope you all had a fine short vacation and are looking forward with enthusiasm to
the after break session.

The St. Lamart Senior Secondary School is routinely recognized for educational excellence. Such
recognition does not occur by chance. It is the result of three things: supportive parents/caregivers,
motivated students and dedicated staff members.

Our teachers and paraprofessionals are looking forward with great enthusiasm to July 5th as the
school will implement online classes through ERP, the most awaited moment by all the stakeholders
of the school.
To assist you in learning your way around the community and to better help you understand your
responsibilities as a parent/caregiver, Mrs. Sumitra Ghosh, Parent Coordinator will offer guidance
and support to families.
School is so pleased to welcome all educators after the much needed short break and hope that all
of them regained their lost energy and now recharged with renewed zeal to take up the flight of the
learners studies on a totally new paradigm.
I will admit that families selected the St. Lamart Senior Secondary School, because they wanted a
particularly caring educators however I feel that the real strength of the St. Lamart Senior Secondary
School, lies in the collective talents of all members on the team.
I am always open for suggestions from educators, parents/caregivers & non-teaching staff members
for the betterment of the school and a community as a whole.

Our school goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to excel in academics, athletics, and
fine arts so that they may become positive, contributing members of our school and community.

I look forward to working with you, let’s make this Academic Session the best one ever!
Educationally yours,

-Munish Kumar Srivastava, Principal